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  • Clevemama Clevafeed

    With NEW Silicone Hygienic Teat.The BPA Free ClevaFeed™ is the safest and most hygienic way to introduce your child to solids including fruit and vegetables without the risk of choking.Easy to use – simply open the handle and place food in the teat.Suitable from 6+ months the ClevaFeed™ is also a great when your baby is teething.Includes a travel cover for when you’re out and about.The silicone teat is easy to clean, safe and convenient.The ClevaFeed™ is not a pacifier and should be used under adult supervision only.Never leave your child unattended while using this product.Check regularly and discard when worn or damaged.

  • Steadyco Steadycup

    How? Its open top makes it a mouth friendly alternative to bottles and spouted cups. Its wide steady base helps prevent spills boosting self confidence. Its small handle aims to increase dexterity and co-ordination. Why? Research has shown that prolonged use of spouted cups and bottles can dramatically increase the risk of tooth decay whilst also hampering social development. It is also widely believed that prolonged use of bottle teats can affect speech development. Alongside its mouth friendly qualities, the Steadycup will boost confidence, develop motor skills, and help avoid spillages as it has been developed especially to wean toddlers from bottles to grown-up cups.

  • Steadyco Steady Bowl

    This versatile bowl has been designed to help you measure the correct portion sizes you should be giving your pre-schooler. Available as a Bowl and Spoon set in five colours - yellow, pink, red, blue and white.

  • Smash Food Tubes

    “Healthy baby and a healthy planet”Our new Baby Food Movers range is the perfect solution to preparing and transporting your baby’s healthy meals without the need for excess packaging.No matter what stage your little one is at, our portion sized Food Tubs mean you can prepare, freeze and transport your on-the-go meal requirements making feeding time easier when you’re out and about.Extremely functional, Smash’s baby accessory range are made to the highest quality and are BPA Free

  • Philips Avent Blender

    Blend‚ Store‚ Feed Nourishing your kids with this Mini Blender and Feeding Set.- With receipes for a growing baby Everything you need to start. Helps you create a healthy diet for a growing baby- Easy at home blending and storing Fresh‚ healthy and simple home-made food for baby. The first step to solid food.- With Mini Blender‚ wet mill and VIA Storage Prepare: the Philips Avent Mini Blender and wet mill let you easily create natural‚ healthy food the way your baby prefers. Store: Use the sturdy‚ stackable VIA cups for storage in the fridge or freezer. Feed: At home or on-the-go‚ your baby enjoys fresh food that you prepared. Plus‚ you can warm it in the VIA cup with Philips Avent bottle and babyfood warmer.What's included: - Miniblender: 1 - Wet mill: 1 - VIA storage cups: 6 (8oz / 240ml) - lids: 6 - Recipe booklet: 1Voltage: 220V - 240VFrequency: 50Hz

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